Tuesday Open House - October 12 at 11am
Tuesday, October 12, 2021, 11:00am - 12:00pm
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Tuesday, October 12   Online Event

Indigenous Peoples Day—Sámi focus

Virtual program - https://leifmn.org/index.php/home/2021-leif-events/165-tuesday-october-12-at-11am-tuesday-open-house

Presenter: Pr. Rolf Steffensen, in Norway



Shamanism and Christian Faith

Pastor Rolf Steffensen has worked for many years for reconciliation between the Sámi groups and the rest of the Norwegian population. He is now pastor for the Lule Sámi group in Northern Norway. He will speak by video from Norway about his realization that the relationship between Shamanism and Christian faith can be quite close.

The video will later be available on the website

Please click below to see the Tuesday Open House presentation and Pr. Jorunn Raddum making Finnbiff 


Location Virtual from Norway
Pr. Rolf Steffensen