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LEIF 2024 | Oct. 5-20

Nordic Music. Nordic Culture. Nordic LEIF.

Velkommen. Välkommen. Velkominn. Tervetuloa.

Bures boahtin. Vælkommin. Tikilluarit. Tere tulemast. Welkumin. Mišto aviljan. Tervettulemaa.
People discovering Swedish culture at a chamber orchestra concert..jpg


The Leif Eriksson International Festival (LEIF) is the perfect way to learn about and explore the culture of the Nordic countries. Through music, literature, performances and presentations, you'll discover new facets and gain insights that you may never have known before.


Embark on a journey to explore the rich cultures of Scandinavia and Northern Europe! Join us to discover the vibrant cultural and artistic expressions of the Nordic peoples through presentations, exhibitions, performances, music and other activities.

Learning to Read


LEIF is the ultimate celebration of Minneapolis' rich Nordic heritage! Make new memories with your family, as you reaffirm and grow your connections to Norway, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Sápmi and Denmark. this vibrant annual event celebrates the rich history and culture of this diverse region. 

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